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  • Model:AC Linear Actuator

PJM TEC CO.,LTD is a company producing environmental linear actuator and drive for poultry and livestock housing and greenhouse.  


110v/220v linear actuator for farm ventilation 
1.Powerful with Ultral Low Noise 
2.Multiple Application Choices:Farm & Livestock ventilation controls,wall inlet,ceiling inlet,poultry gate control

220v linear actuator/ linear actuator for farm ventilation equipment  
Loading capacity : 3500N 
Voltage:: 110V/120V 60Hz 220V/230V 50Hz 
Speed of no-loading: : 6.3 0.5mm(60Hz) 4.0 0.5m(50Hz) 
Current of no-loading : 1.0 Amp(60Hz) 0.8Amp(50Hz) 
Protection grade :IP53 
Duty type: 10% 
Motor Noise : ≤68dB
Temperature : -5 to+45 
Motor speed:: 1700 10%rpm(60Hz) 1450 10%rpm(50Hz) 
Temperature control : 125 (Recoverable temperature fuse) 
Signal output :POT sensor(optional) 
Built-in CAM adjust travel switch 
Fixing: 2xOuter tube fixing seat 
Standard :CE
starting capacitance : Built-in square startup capacitor CBB61-P2
withstand voltage:1800VAC/1mA/3s
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