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  • Model:12V electric car jack
12-Volt Electric Car Jack
Although flat tires are a downside of car ownership, with this electric jack in your trunk, struggling with hand-operated jacks is a thing of the past. Plug the adapter into a standard 12-volt car outlet, place the jack in the correct position under the vehicle, and use the controller to lift or lower the car. A built-in LED makes it easier to use at night, and the rugged storage case keeps all cords and accessories in order when not in use.Useful for women that may not have the strength to use a manual jack or just for lazy men.

Product Description:
1) Lifting Capacity : 2tons
2) Supply Voltage 12v
3) Rated Current 15 Amps
4) The Minimal Height 155mm
5) Lifting Height 145 mm
6) Adjusting Height 0-60mm
7) Net Weight 3.600 kg
8) Total Length : 180 mm
 9) Jack Height – 23cm (rising from 12 to 35cm)
1)        No physical effort required
2)        Lifts car automatically
3)        Fast & easy to use
4)        Secured & hassle free
5)        Fused for overload protection
6)        Automatically limits the highest or the lowest height
7)        Especially suitable for women, fat and tall people
8)        Convenient & Stylish
9)        Supplied with a carry case, hand gloves, wheel chock, battery clamp, extension cable, & screw driver.
10)      Can use the manual hand crank to lower or raise the car if there is no power when the car is jacked.
11)      The saddle is made of high strength material, tough and anti-slip that protects  the car from damaging   
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