flat push actuator

Product Infomation
  • Model:flat push actuator
  • Specifications:flat driving for massage chair
  • Color:Black
Detailed Product Description

1) Applications:electric sofa , massage chair,reclinear chair ,tv 
2) Silence and limit swtich built-in 

Linear Actuator Specification

1) Applications: wheel chair motor, sofa parts, chair parts, hospital and care beds, wheelchairs, patient-lifters, working tables, tv,skylights, recliners, medical equipment, dental chairs, handicap equipment, ergonomic furniture, tables, pedestals, furniture, and traction beds.

2) Low noise: fit for hospital application

3) Input: DC, 24V / 12V

4) Load capacity: up to 6,000N

5) Speed: 4-36mm/s

6) Standard stroke: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400mm

7) Min. install dimensions: S+160 mm

8) Limit switches: built-in

9) Safety nut: option

10) Type of duty: S2 - 10min

11) Operation temperature: -26 - 65°C

12) Protection class: IP44

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