Salt / Fresh Water Aquaculture Pump

Product Infomation
  • Model:Salt / Fresh Water Aquaculture Pump
Model             Max GPH/M3           Inlet             Outlet      Power     Max Head
240 watt          4850/22             63mm            63mm       240          9m
320 watt          4850/22             63mm            63mm       320          11m
500 watt          7000/32             63mm            63mm       500          11m
900 watt          7700/35             63mm            63mm       900          13m
1500 watt        9240/42             63mm            63mm       1500         16m
2200 watt        13200/60           63mm            63mm       3000         8-17m

This serise water pumps are mainly applied in salt and fresh water Aquaculture, Aquarium.
   Pumps were approved TUV, CE certificate, and awarded Inventive Patent.
   We supply OEM, ODM service
Pump's Feature
- fully submersible or dry
- saltwater resistant
- energy efficient
- high performance
- quiet running
- low-heat operation due to direct magnet drive
- heat resistant ceramic axle bearing,
- Diamond hard silicon carbide bearings with 15% carbon for a long and trouble free option
- Tungsten or titanium shaft with internal rinse system and unique rotor connection
- all pumps made from blended ABS and PC, 100% corrosion resistant pump housing, pump head, impeller,
- Timer program
- Date & Time setting
- Feed Time setting

- Water level settings

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