industrial linear actuator

Product Infomation
  • Model:Industrial Linear Actuator
  • Specifications:Industrial Linear Actuator/Heavy duty motor

PJM-ID8 Series actuators are designed for heavy duty applications. Ball screw and ACME screw drives are available.The ID8 linear actuator are common used in agricultural, automotive, off-highway, marine and industrial project.


        1,CE certificate 
        2,stainless steel extension rod 
        4, gear wheel 
        5,clutch protection
        6.heavy duy type industrial actuator

       Load Capacity:7000N
       Min installation Dimension: 250mm+S
       Limited Switches:inner
       Operation temperature:-26~65°C
       Protection class:IP65
       Type of duty:25%
       Covering color:Black
       Use tempreture protect,overload clutch protection

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