High precision planetary gearbox with flange

Product Infomation
  • Model:AF series 060
  • Specifications:60mm diameter high precision gearbox

AF series helical type planetary gearbox


Quiet operation
Helical gears reduce vibration and noise

High precision
Standard backlash is 5 arc/min,ideal for precision control

High rigidity & torque
High rigidity & high torque as uncaged needle roller bearings design

Adapter-bushing connection
Can be installed with any motor type

No grease leakage
Perfect solution using high viscosity anti-separation grease


No need to replace the grease.Can be attached in any position

Al series name model way:

Performance table:

Size Drawing:


* 1 stage reduction:3 to 10 ,s stage reduction:15 to 100
* bushing will be inserted to adapt to motor shaft

More other size details,pls contac with our sales.

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