Marine Hatch actuator

Product Infomation
  • Model:Industrial Linear Actuator
  • Specifications:Industrial Linear Actuator/DC motor
Detailed Product Description:
Electric Hatch Actuator feature polished stainless steel housings, specifically
configured for marine or wet environments.  They are wired for 12 volt DC
and can develop 500 pounds of force.
These units use severe duty 12V DC motors.  Construction provides a stunning
appearance with optimum corrosion resistance.
       Load Capacity:7000N
       Min installation Dimension: 250mm+S
       Limited Switches:inner
       Operation temperature:-26~65°C
       Protection class:IP65
       Type of duty:25%

       Covering color:Black

       Heavy duty, sealed ball bearing motor allows for locking of hatches, won’t open at high speeds

       Use tempreture protect,overload clutch protection

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