Pinion Plastic Gear

    Pinion Plastic Gear

    Features of Pinion Gears:
    A pinion gear is usually the smallest gear in the gear train at the input and handles the least amount of torque. It is usually be mounted onto a shaft and transmit power indirectly to the output gear.

    Type Pinion Plastic Gear
    Module M0.1 - M2.0
    Material Polyacetal (POM) / Nylon
    Bore Ø1.40mm/ Ø1.90mm/ Ø2.05mm/ Ø2.40mm/ Ø2.55mm / Ø2.90mm/ Ø3.05mm (Flexible)
    Outer Diameter Ø2.0mm - Ø50.0mm (Flexible)
    Face Width (L) 2.0mm - 10.0mm (Flexible)

    Our plastic gears meet all kinds of needs for laser printers, digital cameras, scanners, CD-ROMs, stepping motors, medical equipment, vending machines, gear pumps, household appliances, fax machines, watches, toys, etc and for other specialized products.

    About Plastic Gears
    A gear is a toothed wheel designed to transmit force to another gear or toothed component. The teeth of a gear can be shaped to minimize wear, vibration and noise, and to maximize the efficiency of power transmission.

    Gears of differing size are often used in pairs for a mechanical advantage, allowing the torque of the driving gear to produce a larger torque in the driven gear at lower speed, or a smaller torque at higher speed.

    Pls note:More gear specifications for custom,pls contact with our sales team.
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