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         Power Metallurgy Gears and Machining

           Powder Metallurgy Technics: Powder metallurgy products are made using metal powders like iron powder, copper powder, stainless steel powder etc. (including mixing non-metal powder) through the shaping-agglomerating method. The traditional process flow is material mixing pressing agglomerating reshaping post treatment, i.e., firstly put the highly pure mixed powder into the mould, press-shape it under certain pressure, and then agglomerate the pressed semi-finished product in the controllable furnace at a temperature lower than the base material's melting point to form the powdered particles into an alloy whole.Spur, helical, bevel, face, spur-helical, and helical-helical gears are produced by P/M technics.

           Gears made by the powder metallurgy process provide a cost effective alternative to conventional steel or cast iron gears that are machine finished. The powder metallurgy (P/M) process yields net-shape, or near-net-shape parts, so that little or no machining is required to obtain a finished part in many cases. Thus the process offers dimensional tolerances and mechanical properties compatible with many applications.

           Equipment advantages:Mixing machine,Injection molding machines,Degreasing furnaces,Vacuum sintering furnace;Automatic pressing machine,,Repressing machine,CNC machining equipment,finishing machining machine,polishing machine,    Automatic oil punching machine and so on.

         Products: all kinds of precision metal injection molding(MIM) and powder molding(PM) hardwares; sinter gears(bevel gear,pinion gear,worm gear and helical gear),complex-shape metal parts(like hair clipper blade,nail clipper parts,scalpel,lock bolt),sprocket,pulley and stainless steel precision die-casting parts,etc.

         Preponderant Products: 1. All kinds of gears and complicated shapes parts
                                             2. Small, complex and precision parts with high technical requirement.

         Product field:Auto parts,lock parts,home-appliances parts,medical equipment parts,power tooling parts,meat grinder parts,textile machine parts,mobile phone accessories,toy accessories,paper shredders,watches,,computer and so on 

       Quality Assurance: We have advanced management principles, a full range of testing equipments and professional quality control process to meet our clients’ satisfaction.

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