Superjack satellite linear actuator

Product Infomation
  • Model:Superjack linear actuator
  • Specifications:superjack actuator

   Original Superjack Satellite Antenna Actuator Features:

  • Anti-rust process: 
    Epoxy power coated steel tube and high grade plated hardware.
  • Excellent waterproofing: Provide 2 seals and 3 drain holes

  • Optional weather protection boot and accordion: 
    Waterproof ruber cover for rod and gearbox motor

  • Sensor: 
    Ruthenium plate contacts ensures longer sensor life.

  • Hermetically sealed in a clean atmosphere to eliminate ill effects of dust, corrosion or oxidation.

  • Advanced design allows no opportunity for sticking, binding or wearing of hinged joints.

  • Plastic impregnated for risk free installation and easy to replace.


   More details of superjack actuator such as QARL series,HQ series,dish h-h motor,positioner in PDF file attachment!Welcome to contact with us!

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