AC Universal Motors


    Universal Motors

    When an application calls for high starting torque, power and speed,the Universal Motor often emerges as your good choice. The Universal motor can operate with nearly equivalent performance on both AC and DC power.PJM Universal motor series is an industry benchmark for many applications including home technologies, personal care and power equipment. 

    Operates on AC and DC
    High speed 8,000 – 20,000+ RPM 
    Speed is independent of frequency High starting torque 
    High power density 
    Low cost 
    Life 500-2000 hours 
    No control required 
    Different bracket mounting structure and different motor performance could be selected

    Model series      diameter       voltage            rpm speed               power             Efficiency               Application

    UM54 series        54mm          220V             28000-38000          38W-127W           42%                 Hair Dryers,Hand Mixers
                                                                                                                                                  Kitchen Blenders,Coffee Grinders
    UM70 series        70mm         110-230V        19000-21000          250W-300W         55%                 Centrifugal Juicers,Drills and Drivers

    UM88 series         88mm         120-230V        19500-23000         190W-300W         64%                 Blowers,household machine

    UM98 series         98mm         120-240V        21000-26000         300W-690W         61%                 Commercial Blenders,Bar Blenders

    More motor size and mounting could be designed for you.

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