Fabrication of Motorized Screw Jack for vehicles

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Fabrication of a motorized screw jack is easy especially when the parts are avaialble in the market. This mechanical engineering project can be easily completed by integrating an electric motor with a screw jack. A screw jack or a Jackscrew is operated by turning a lead screw. The height of the jack is adjusted by turning the lead screw. This can be done either manually or by integrating an electric motor with it. This integration is our project. The difficult part in the project may be finding a low speed motor that is able to work at 12V. This is because the battery output of an automobile is 12V, and the electricity needed for the operation of the screw jack is taken from this battery. Another problem will be regarding speed reduction. 12V motors usually operate at higher speeds, likely at 4000 or 5300 rpm. So reducing this high rpm to the required lower rpms for the operation of screw jack without bulky accessories or power loss can be challenging. But still this is one of the easiest projects in mechanical.Pilot Automotive Electric Vehicle Jacks are Cool: A helping hand when you need it. The all-steel jacks have a wired remote with a 12-foot cord—more than enough to reach any point on your vehicle. The remote also has a handy LED light to help you keep track of those pesky lug nuts in the dark.For more details,pls find it on our vehicle automaiton actuator series:12V electric car jack product.If you need the electric wrench,also could contact us.

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