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       Electric linear actuators are used in a variety of different ways for automotive automation industry.Our IMD3 range of linear actuators is a linear motion system consisting of a motor, gearbox and lead or ball screw. Having 5 gear ratio available (5:1 / 10:1 / 20:1 / 30:1 / 40:1), the actuators can support loading capacity up to 1800N with the stroke length of 10-300mm.Because PJM-IMD3 is perfect designed, the automotive industry has been a good fit for it.Typically, a power source like an electric motor is connected to a simple machine, often a screw. The power source rotates the screw. The bolt or nut attached to the screw is fastened to the body of the actuator to prevent it from also rotating. Motion is converted into energy when the nut is driven along the length of the screw. Before deciding on what kind of actuator your automotive project requires, consider the particular application it is to be used for, taking into account speed and force needed.

        We are able to meet many dimensional and spatial requirements to let you maintain a high level of reliable operation. From latching cargo carriers to transmission shifting on unmanned vehicles, we have a solution for your application.

        1.Vehicle hood tie down.Use to raise and lower power equipment attachments, auto hoods and trunks,tonneau covers,truck bed covers,Pickup truck accessories,Vertical Doors, tailgates,car videos.
        2.Automotive throttling:Throttle linear actuator.Our IMD3 are widely used for mobile construction machinery diesel engine throttle electronic speed control.Suitable for most of diesel engine machinery manufacturer.
        3.Parking brake actuation.Now there is one new project for it.You could add our IMD3 actuator with Reversing radar to improve driving safety.It is useful for new drivers.Driving in reverse, the vehicle will be pushed to the Shift R block to start reversing radar, under the control of the controller,if encounter obstacles too near and dangerous,the actuator will pull the brake to stop.

        The automotive industry uses linear actuators extensively. From the assembly line where cars are put together to the robotic arms used in assembling car parts and sections to testing systems and safety features. Automotive industrial applications include linear actuators for testing switches, buttons and component quality control. Because linear actuators are adaptable to many different applications, automotive uses of linear actuators can be found in both the assembly and operation of cars, trucks and recreational vehicles.

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