PJM BLDC motor Comparative Advantage

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     In today's world,the contradiction between man kinds of increasing energy demand and the exhausting natural resources is becoming increasingly acute.Utilizing high-tech measures to reduce energy consumption and realize sustainable development permits no delay.PJM TEC brushless DC motor can make motion products reach an efficiency of 70% to 90%,and reduce energy consumption considerably.In addition,PJM TEC BLDC has standard and general feature.

     PJM TEC brushless DC motor,the truly green product of high-efficiency,low-consumption,low cost and high technology.As the leading brushless DC motor manufacturer,we has total 12 standard series of BLDC motor,including nine standard series of inner rotor with diameter from 16,22,24,28,36,42,56,68,90mm and three standard series of outer rotor with diameter of 30,37 and 60mm,output power from 0.1W to 400W,with built-in driving controller and standard interface.

     PJM TEC BLDC,with its built-in driving controller,has the advantages of high efficiency,high reliability,low noise,long life,Excellent EMC,CW/CCW both rotation,stepless speed regulation,low energy consumption,position signal output,electrical brake,current protection,temperature protection and so on.The BLDC can be widely applied to many fields,such as home appliances,automobile parts,office automation,business equipment,industry facilities,medical apparatus,personal care,power tools,robots etc.

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