fire tanker dump valves actuator lift

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Reliable electric actuators were required by a major fire equipment manufacturer for use on fire tanker dump valves and truck-mounted portable tank lift systems. Rural fire departments utilize tanker trucks where fire hydrants or natural water sources are not available. Typical tankers carry 1,000 gallons of water and are equipped with “fast-drain” valves that allow firefighters to empty the water into a portable tank in just seconds.

Powered by a single actuator, the remotely-activated dump valve allows firefighters to be positioned away from the dangerous chute area during water dumping operations. A portable tank lift system, powered by a pair of linear actuators, lets firefighters conveniently access the on-board, side- mounted portable tank without excessive stretching or straining

PJM TEC IMD8 electric actuators were specified to meet the requirements for both the dump valve and tank lift applications. The PJM TEC units are weather-tight with integral O-ring seals and feature heavy wall rod and extension tube, bi-directional holding brake and treated end fittings for superior strength and corrosion resistance. Unique (patented) screw end bearing guide provides smooth extension operation, high side-load capability and aids in screw re-lubrication.

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