Universal Satellite Linear Actuators

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Universal Satellite Linear Actuators

For TVRO actuator,we design and develop them from 2003 year.They are very popular during last 10 years.

The actuator is a cheap and heavy tool with high enough torque, ideal for elevation systems, but in practice it needs quite an effort in order to operate correctly in your homebrew antenna system.

There are several models of TVRO actuators in the market place. They have differences in the "length" and the voltage supply. Depend on the manufacturer, the majority of models are between 8 - 36" (inches). 

Actuators need a voltage supply between 12-36 V, depended on the model. 

The actuators have two adjustable limit-switches (stopper) inside the bottom cover of the gear-box. Thus, you can adjust the Upper (90°) and the Lower Limit (0°), in order to protect the mechanic parts of elevation system from any possible damage (bracket's broken, etc). 

Any damage is possible if the actuator moves the mechanic parts over-limit.By using the limit switches, the elevation system will moves between 0-90° angle, safely.For example, when the actuator goes to the Upper or Lower limitation, the limit-switch "cuts-off" the motor's voltage supply. Then, you must reverse the 
voltage polarity, so that it moves again (reversely).For details,we have the instruction for you.

Besides the linear satellite actuator,we also develop another new H-H motor for satellite dish from 2006 year.Some basic FAQ refer to followings:

Motorized satellite dish System FAQ:

Do I need a separate power line to connect to the HH Motor?

No.  The motor gets its power from the receiver using the same coaxial cable running from the receiver to the LNBF on the dish.  You simply disconnect the cable from the LNBF.  Connect it to the HH Motor.  Then run a short coaxial cable between the motor and the LNBF.  You are set.

How do I control the motor to move it East / West?
The motor is controlled by the receiver's remote control.  All receivers compliant with the DiSEqC 1.2, 1.3, or USALS protocol have the capability to run an HH motor.  Once you initially setup the motor on the satellite arc and store the locations of the satellites, you will be able to move between satellites by simply changing the channel.

Does the motor also adjust for variation in elevation on the dish for each satellite?
Yes it does.

Do I need to skew the LNBF on a motorized dish? 
No you don't.  Just set the skew at 0 and the motor will tilt the whole dish when it moves.

What is the benefit from motorizing my dish?
Well, by adding a motor to your system you will be able to receive satellite channels from several satellites instead from one only.  That way you will gain many more channels economically without investing in many dishes and switches. 

Superjack tag are available all the time!QARL series,HARL series,HV series actuator are for your satellite dish or solar panel.


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