PJM actuator for stable climate control systems

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          Correct and accurate temperature inside stables is essential in maintaining optimal animal welfare.

          Livestock is reliant on the ventilation system and the indoor climate control for balanced temperature and optimal conditions inside the stable at all times.When the outside temperature falls or rises, the farmer must be able to quickly adjust the temperature inside the stable accordingly.PJM TEC AC linear actuator are known for easy integration with overall stable control systems and for many years of maintenance free service even in extreme environments. For climate control inside stables, actuator solutions from PJM TEC can provide a number of excellent features.

           Automatic adjustment of the heat intake according to outside temperature, on demand from the climate controller.The actuator system can be controlled by the overall stable automation systems and thus ensure instant reaction to temperature changes without the presence of the farmer.Specifically for piglets or other youngsters, the automatic adjustment of covers will ensure precisely regulated temperature for optimal conditions and animal welfare. Compared to hydraulic systems, electric actuator solutions from PJM TEC CO.,LTD are easier to install and no maintenance,no weak spots,

          The auto air frish Actuator gives precise control of automated air inlets in both ceiling and wall mounted styles to fit your particular air flow requirements.Inlets and baffles combine the durability of corrosion resistant hardware with intuitive designs for effective air management and ease of use. All models are simple to install and easy to maintain.All the controls you need to keep your ventilation system operating at optimal efficiency.To achieve maximum return on your investment, efficient ventilation systems are a necessity. Inadequate airflow in hot conditions increase stress on your animals, and can have a negative effect on their development.They are also ideal for opening multiple windows or dampers for greenhouse, livestock and vegetable storage climate control.Due to their robust design, these motor actuators are particularly well suited for use in animal stables gate and panel open,Curtain Machines and air inlet Baffle precise positioning motion control,vent door in place of a winch.

           Please contact PJM TEC CO.,LTD for specifications and even more actuator solutions for stable climate control and other farming equipment. 
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