Motor Fan Blower Application

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Application Scope of AC motor Blower

High-pressure blower is widely applied in aeration of environment-friendly water treatment,liquid agitation of electroplating bath,dust removal and ventilation,photopolymer plate making machine,cigarette filter forming machine,air-increase for special cultivation,paper cutter,screen printer,injection molding machine,bulb industry,automatic feeding dryer,atomization dryer,liquid powder filling machine,electric welding equipment,move machinery,vacuum packaging,delivery of paper,fluid delivery,dry washing of clothing,overall ironing,food processing,gas transmission,feed collection etc.

Working Principal

Vane wheel is rotated in the pump chamber by principle of side channel,with air inhaled into the chamber through air groove and accelerated alone circle and compressed by rotation of the vane wheel and finally discharged through exhaust groove.

Motor Blower or Fan parts:

cover,impeller,captive ring,key,housing,gasket,oil seal,sound absorption material,perforated metal mesh,motor,base,flange.

Fan is widely used in various industries:Mechanical purpose,specially used for plastic machinery,heat dissipation purpose,specially used for packaging machinery,delivery purpose,Vacuum cleaning purpose,specially used for printing machinery,electroplating purpose,specially used for reflow machinery,Air conditioner and equipment,Purification equipment for corollary,Coating Machine and equipment,heating ancillary equipment and so on.

PJM TEC company specializes in developing industrial centrifugal fan of various specifications,centrifugal impeller and diverse apecial motor wind distribution wheel.For high temperature motor,they are new widely used for Infrared radiant heating equipment,infrared heatersradiant heaters or heating systems.For details,Welcome to contact wtih us.

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