Automatic Chute Rotation of snowblower

Date: 2012-11-06   Clicked: 7891
Electrical snowblower actuator 

Snow Blower is built for commercial snow clearing operations of sidewalks, driveways, and 

other areas.At present,hydraulic controlled actuator is in common use before.Now more and more machinery attachment motion control are drived by electric actuators.

Following the new power lift kit is one of the project application.The new Power Lift Kit is designed to improve the performance and usability of front blade and blower attachments. Not only will it effortlessly raise and lower attachments, but also it provides down-pressure and the ability to hold an implement's height. The lift kit installs in minutes and the dash mounted controls make it convenient to use. Curb management and trailer loading are also improved with the 4-6" lift height.The PJM IMD8 heavy duty actuator play a important role of the power lift kit.

Additional features include:

Heavy duty electric actuator designed for high hour usage for effortless lift and lower
Powder coated steel components
Includes convenient dash mounted control switch and all electrical components 
Provides 4-6” lift height and controllable down force
Installation with hand tools (15 min.)

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