PJM linear actuator for solar tracking system

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Single Axis, Linear Actuator Drive Solar Tracker


The Linear Actuator is a motorized device that moves the tracker in an East or West
direction. The inner tube of the actuator slides in and out. Your actuator is shipped in the fully
retracted position. Do not allow the inner tube to unscrew while you are installing it. This will
destroy the limit switch (motor stop) settings! However, for ease of installation, you might want
to run the actuator out a bit to make the module installation easier.
To extend out the inner tube so that the tracker frame is nearly horizontal: Lay the actuator on
a table and place a long shafted screwdriver through the end eyelet to keep the inner tube
from unscrewing.

Alternatively, mount the actuator to the frame. Then remove the back of the motor cover and
apply at least 12 VDC (24 VDC nominal max) to the terminal strip. If you are in the field, you
can "tap" the output of one module to use as your power supply.
Connect positive to the top terminal (white motor wire) and negative to the lower adjacent
terminal (red motor wire). Do not allow the inner tube to unscrew. Reversing the polarity to the
terminal strip retracts the actuator. Make sure that the wire exiting the actuator faces up when
you install the actuator.


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