PJM Linear Actuator For Vehicle

Date: 2009-06-27   Clicked: 7190
PJM actuator are the ultimate accessory for installing power operated hoods,trunks,tonneau covers,or any other heavy duty or delicate custom application.PJM Tec offer quick operation even on the most stubborn of lifting jobs. The lightweight aluminum actuator case encloses high-torque electric motors and heavy-duty permanently sealed and lubricated actuator shafts, which ensure maximum performance without ugly hoses or greasy parts.12 Volt linear actuator durable drive assembly, means a long life of excellent performance and reliable operation!provides great power and durability for all of your applications! Check out all the different uses this fantastic device serves below! PJM proudly provides the needed tools to accomplish all of your projects, and offers amazing value for their low prices!

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